Ancestors of Eli E. THOMPSON

                  /-John THOMPSON
        /-John THOMPSON
        |         \-Lovey DREW
        |         /-Clement DREW
        \-Patience DREW
                  \-Anna TIBBETTS

Descendants of Eli E. THOMPSON

  =Sarah E. DAY

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Descendants of Eliza THOMPSON

  =James DAY

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Descendants of Esther THOMPSON

  =John DAY  Marriage: 1775-05-18, Arundel, York, ME
      2 James DAY
      2 Esther DAY
        =Ebenezer GRANT
      2 John DAY
        =Patience LITTLEFIELD  Marriage: 9 OCT 1921, Wells, York, ME
            3 John DAY
              =Selinda HATCH  Marriage: 1843/4, Kennebunk, York, ME
                  4 Charles DAY
                  4 William DAY
                  4 Sarah Abbie DAY
            3 James DAY
              =Rhoda CHICK  Marriage: 1829-01-28, Kennebunk, York, ME
                  4 Patience DAY
                    =Samuel Meldrum CHICK  Marriage: 1851-11-16, Kennebunk, York, ME
                  4 Olive Stevens DAY
                  4 Sylvanus DAY
            3 Anna DAY
            3 Jotham DAY
              =Ann Marie CHICK  Marriage: 1836-10-21, Kennebunk, York, ME
                  4 Julia Ann DAY
                    =Owen WAKEFIELD
                  4 Albert DAY
                    =Evelyn TRIPP
            3 Daniel DAY
              =Paulina LITTLEFIELD  Marriage: 1831-03-28, Kennebunk, York, ME
                  4 Edmund Lord DAY
                  4 Mary Ann DAY
                    =Sylvester GARVIN
                  4 Soffia Amanda DAY
                  4 Apphia Paulina DAY
                  4 Daniel DAY
                  4 Samuel Haines DAY
                  4 Daniel DAY
                  4 Charles Lewis DAY
                    =Mary Elizabeth WILDES  Marriage: 1871-01-17, Kennebunk, York, ME
                        5 Ruth Ella DAY
                          =Edward WOODBURN
                        5 Frederick Austin DAY
                          =Jane Elizabeth RALPH
                        5 George Lewis DAY
                          =Maud HASELTON
                        5 Cora Emma DAY
                          =Lyman Wilber COLE
                        5 Lulu May DAY
                          =Henry C. LORD
                        5 Edward Everett DAY
                          =Kate BRENNAN
                        5 Florence Louisa DAY
                        5 Liliam Paulina DAY
                          =John Thomas COOK  Marriage: 1908-08-17, Haverhill, Essex, MA
                          =Herbert N. RICE
            3 Sarah DAY
              =Ivory CHADBOURNE
        =Esther CHICK  Marriage: 27 AUG 2012, Wells, York, ME
      2 Alexander DAY
        =Mercy DACY  Marriage: About:1806-00-00, Poland, Adroscoggin, ME
            3 Elijah DAY
              =Mahala F. JACKSON
                  4 Belinda C. DAY
                    =Cyprian Gaveston COLE
                  4 James M. DAY
                    =Etta A. COLE
                  4 Emogene C. DAY
                    =James H. FARNUM
                  4 Benjamin Franklin DAY
            3 Alexander DAY
              =Eliza RICKER
                  4 Daniel DAY
                    =Martha POWERS  Marriage: 1857-04-04, Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME
                        5 Martha Luella DAY
                        5 Daniel Llewellyn DAY
                        5 Quincy DAY
                        5 Cora E. DAY
                          =Hosea F. LINSCOTT
                        5 Alden Ellsworth DAY
                        5 Charles M. DAY
                        5 Bert DAY
                        5 Alla DAY
                        5 Alton Loren DAY
                  4 Thomas R. DAY
                    =Maria J. FARNUM
                    =Lizzie YATES
                  4 Charles H. DAY
                    =Margaret ROBINSON
                  4 John DAY
                  4 William DAY
                    =Sarah E. AYER
                  4 Lydia C DAY
                    =James W. POWERS  Marriage: 1867-06-09, Woodstock, Oxford, ME
                        5 Lydia POWERS
                          =Sockalexis NEWELL
                              6 Hilda NEWELL
                                =Clayton BURWOOD
                                    7 Roger BURWOOD
                                      =Nancy ISBISTER
                                          8 Meridith BURWOOD
                        5 John D. POWERS
                        5 Guy H. POWERS
                        5 Lucinda G. POWERS
                        5 Eliza E. POWERS
                        5 Blanche M POWERS
                        5 James A POWERS
                  4 Alexander DAY
                    =Augusta M. BURGESS
      2 Abigail DAY
        =William FROST  Marriage: 17 NOV 1923, Sanford, York, ME
            3 Julius FROST
              =Sarah Ann WEEKS
                  4 George FROST
            3 William FROST

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Descendants of Hannah THOMPSON

  =Thomas PIERCE  Marriage: 1732-07-27, Wilmington, Middlesex, MA
      2 Esther PIERCE
        =Joseph HARNDEN
            3 Esther HARNDEN
              =Dependence DAY  Marriage: 1826-01-03, Fryeburg, Oxford, ME
                  4 Stephen DAY
                    =Hannah P. MORRELL  Marriage: 1852-10-03, Cornish, York, ME
                        5 Otis T. DAY
                        5 Alma H. DAY
                        5 Olive E. DAY
                        5 Esther B. DAY
                    =Lydia Frances TOWLE
                        5 Walter DAY
                        5 Fred M. DAY
                  4 Roxanna DAY
                  4 Esther B. DAY
                  4 Emeline H. DAY
                  4 Asenath DAY
                  4 Simeon DAY
                    =Patience Downs EASTMAN  Marriage: 1862-10-12
                        5 Alice Elta DAY
                        5 Carrie B. DAY
                          =John Swett PENDEXTER
                        5 Horace C. DAY
                          =Florence ROGERS
                              6 Living DAY
                                =Living GUIBAULT
                                =Clarence TURNER
                        5 Allie E. DAY
                          =Frank LOWD
                        5 Drusilla Lucille DAY
                          =Charles RIDLON
                        5 Elisha DAY
                        5 Hattie DAY
                          =Edwin RICE
                  4 Silas DAY
                    =Ella Maude EASTMAN  Marriage: 1872-02-17, Cornish, York, ME
                        5 LeRoy DAY
                          =Grace E. DEARBORN  Marriage: 1898-12-30
                              6 Carl M. DAY
                                =Evelyn GRAY
                              6 Living DAY
                                =Ernest C. DAY
                              6 Living DAY
                        5 Anna DAY
                          =Charles E. WEEKS  Marriage: 1900-10-06
                        5 Lewis DAY
                        5 Howard DAY
                          =Flora Belle DAY  Marriage: About:1905-00-00, Cornish, York, ME
                        5 Ada Miran DAY
                        5 Woodbury DAY

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Descendants of Harriet THOMPSON

1 Harriet THOMPSON
  =William LOOMIS
      2 Helen Marr LOOMIS
        =Sumner CUMMINGS
            3 Edwin Sumner CUMMINGS
              =Caroline Alma DAY  Marriage: 1875-01-30

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