Ancestors of Anna NOYES

        /-Ephraim NOYES
        |                   /-Amos STICKNEY
        |         /-John STICKNEY
        |         |         \-Sarah MORSE
        \-Prudence STICKNEY
                  \-Mary POOR

Descendants of Anna NOYES

1 Anna NOYES
  =Samuel BAILEY
      2 Ephraim BAILEY
        =Sarah LOW
            3 Hannah BAILEY
              =Tappan BAILEY
                  4 Warren BAILEY
                    =Abigail SILLOWAY
                        5 Lucie BAILEY
                          =Lawson HOWE
                              6 Clifford HOWE
                                =Clara CHAFF
                                    7 Clifford HOWE
                                      =Thelma MERRICK
                                          8 Suzanne HOWE

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Annie M. NOYES

Descendants of Annie M. NOYES

1 Annie M. NOYES
  =Irving Ora DAY  Marriage: 1901/2, Colebrook, Coos, NH
      2 Raymond Eustace DAY
        =Phyllis Ione PILBRO  Marriage: 1927-09-28
            3 Living DAY
              =Living MOREHEAD

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Ephraim NOYES

Descendants of Ephraim NOYES

1 Ephraim NOYES
  =Prudence STICKNEY
      2 Anna NOYES
        =Samuel BAILEY
            3 Ephraim BAILEY
              =Sarah LOW
                  4 Hannah BAILEY
                    =Tappan BAILEY
                        5 Warren BAILEY
                          =Abigail SILLOWAY
                              6 Lucie BAILEY
                                =Lawson HOWE
                                    7 Clifford HOWE
                                      =Clara CHAFF
                                          8 Clifford HOWE
                                            =Thelma MERRICK
                                                9 Suzanne HOWE

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Descendants of Mary NUDD

1 Mary NUDD
  =Abraham GOVE  Marriage: 1772-10-02
      2 Sarah GOVE
      2 Nancy GOVE
      2 Jonathan GOVE
      2 Abraham GOVE
        =Nancy JONES  Marriage: 21 APR 1803, Deering, Hillsborough, NH
            3 Jeremiah GOVE
            3 Wyer GOVE
            3 Louisa GOVE
            3 Sophia GOVE
            3 Mark Arlan GOVE
            3 Alfred GOVE
            3 Wyer GOVE
            3 Lydia GOVE
            3 Mary GOVE
            3 Jeannette GOVE
            3 Harriet GOVE
              =Augustus Franklin DAY  Marriage: 23 DEC 1849, Portland, Cumberland, ME
                  4 Henry Augustus DAY
                    =Sarah Remington WAITE  Marriage: 4 DEC 1873, Boston, Suffolk, MA
                        5 Alfred Henry DAY
                        5 Charles Eugene DAY
                          =Ella Mills TAYLOR  Marriage: 18 SEP 1900, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
                              6 Ralph Remington DAY
                                =Genette WEBER  Marriage: 1 AUG 1925, Cuyahoga, Ohio
                                    7 Richard Remington DAY
                                      =Mary STEPHAN
                                          8 Stephanie DAY
                                            =Thomas Joseph RIZZO
                                                9 Michelle RIZZO
                                                  =Donal Kevin SWEDEN
                                                      10 Donal Joseph SWEDEN
                                            =Jack Alan JOBES
                                          8 Deborah DAY
                                            =Brian R DONOVAN
                                          8 Robert Taylor DAY
                                            =Rosanne Marie SWAIM
                                                9 Christine Genette DAY
                                                  =Michael SANDSTROM
                                                9 Carl Robert DAY
                                          8 James Armstrong DAY
                                            =Kara Lane YOUNG
                                                9 Josette Maryjane DAY
                                                9 Alexander Eliot Stephan DAY
                              6 Dorothy Emma DAY
                                =Milbert Dewey SNOWBERGER  Marriage: 22 AUG 1925, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA  Marriage: 22 AUG 1925, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
                                    7 Janet M SNOWBERGER
                                      =Stewart J VONDERSCHER
                              6 Robert Taylor DAY
                                =Marion SIBBISON  Marriage: 7 JUN 1941, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
                              6 Kenneth Eugene DAY
                                =Alice Louise PRICE  Marriage: 4 OCT 1941, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
                                    7 Karen Lynn DAY
                                      =William Arthur MANATT
                                      =Robert H HENDERSON
                                    7 Gary Evan DAY
                                      =Diane BATY
                  4 Harriet I. DAY
                    =Clarence Emerson GEORGE  Marriage: 14 NOV 1878
                        5 Maude Benner GEORGE
                          =Arthur W BOND
                              6 Arieta W BOND
                        5 Florence Ida GEORGE
                          =Charles H HANSON
                              6 Reginald W HANSON
                              6 F Geraldine HANSON
                              6 Evelyn M HANSON
                              6 Charles H HANSON
                              6 Kenneth E HANSON
                              6 Mabel L HANSON
                  4 Willis F. DAY
                  4 Cora Etta DAY
            3 Charlotte GOVE
      2 Samuel N GOVE
      2 Mary Polly GOVE
      2 Betsey GOVE
      2 Ebenezer GOVE
      2 Lydia GOVE
      2 Jemima GOVE
      2 Benjamin Franklin GOVE

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Living NUNES

Descendants of Living NUNES

1 Living NUNES
  =Living DAY
      2 Living DAY
        =Living SANDERSON
            3 Living SANDERSON
            3 Living SANDERSON

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