Descendants of Anna HOLLAND

  =William PERRY
      2 Obadiah PERRY
        =Esther HASSELL  Marriage: 1667/8, Watertown, Middlesex, MA
            3 Obadiah PERRY
              =Mary THORNE
                  4 Obadiah PERRY
                    =Mehitable KIMBALL
                        5 Benjamin PERRY
                          =Susanna POTTER  Marriage: 1765
                              6 John Hazen PERRY
                                =Matilda WILLIAMS
                                    7 Charles E. PERRY
                                      =Susan M. DAY  Marriage: 1851-04-00, Pittsburg, Coos, NH
                                    7 Eliza Jane PERRY
                                      =John Curtis DWINNELL  Marriage: Marshfield, Washington, VT
                                          8 Clara A. DWINNELL
                                            =John Brown MARSH  Marriage: 1877-02-24, Pittsburg, Coos, NH
                                                9 Robert MARSH
                                                  =Mildred Gertrude DAVIS  Marriage: 1914-12-24, Pittsburg, Coos, NH

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May Belle HOLMAN

Descendants of May Belle HOLMAN

1 May Belle HOLMAN
  =LeRoy Herbert BEAN  Marriage: About:1911-00-00, Haverhill, Essex, MA
  =Henry GENZER

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Descendants of James HOLMES

1 James HOLMES
  =Patience DAY

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Descendants of HOLSER

      2 Bessie MESERVE
        =Charles E. SUMNER  Marriage: About:1888-00-00
            3 William Alvin SUMNER
              =Mary Elizabeth PARKER
                  4 Jerome Stuart SUMNER
                    = UNKNOWN
                        5 Roger SUMNER
                        5 Randall SUMNER
            3 Jeanne E. SUMNER

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Descendants of Ednah HOLSTEAD

  =Richard BAILEY
      2 Joseph BAILEY
            3 Richard BAILEY
              =Joanna WEBSTER
                  4 Ebenezer BAILEY
                    =Sarah PALMER
                        5 Samuel BAILEY
                          =Hannah CLARK
                              6 Clark BAILEY
                                =Hannah HOVEY  Marriage: 6 SEP 1815
                                    7 Benjamin Frank BAILEY
                                      =Catherine Ann BLACK
                                          8 James Monroe BAILEY
                                    7 James Monroe BAILEY
                                    7 Levi Hovey BAILEY
                                    7 Samuel Clark BAILEY
                                    7 George Evens BAILEY
                                      =Eliza J. MOORE  Marriage: 3 JUL 1851, Richland Co., OH
                                          8 Alice BAILEY
                                          8 Horace BAILEY
                                            =Emma SEGAR  Marriage: 4 JAN 1879, Hamilton, Iowa
                                                9 Arthur Earl BAILEY
                                                9 Kathryn E BAILEY
                                                9 Ida Olive BAILEY
                                                  =Arthur Leslie BOARD
                                                      10 Mabel Jeannette BOARD
                                                        =Clarence Dale SPAULDING  Marriage: 3 SEP 1938, Alameda, California, USA
                                                            11 Robley Porter SPAULDING
                                                      10 Florence Nadine BOARD
                                                        =Willard Arnold WINTON
                                                            11 Patricia WINTON
                                                            11 Susan WINTON
                                                      10 James A BOARD
                                                9 Horace M BAILEY
                                                9 Jeannett R BAILEY
                                          8 Ida Ellen BAILEY
                                            =James E DOOLITTLE  Marriage: 12 SEP 1875, Hamilton, Iowa
                                                9 Leslie Edwin DOOLITTLE
                                                  =Mary J BAUMGARDNER
                                                      10 Harold L DOOLITTLE
                                                      10 Wallace E DOOLITTLE
                                                        =Muriel Eleanor WATSON
                                                            11 Patricia Eleanor DOOLITTLE
                                                              =David F NORMAN
                                                            11 Leslie Leroy DOOLITTLE
                                                              =Nancy J FERGUSON
                                                                  12 Edward Allbon DOOLITTLE
                                                                  12 Cynthia Jean DOOLITTLE
                                                                    =David Lee MANRY
                                                                  12 Wallace DOOLITTLE
                                                      10 Kenneth James DOOLITTLE
                                                            11 Young DOOLITTLE
                                                            11 Roland DOOLITTLE
                                                      10 Jean C DOOLITTLE
                                                      10 Lyle L DOOLITTLE
                                                        =Margaret DOOLITTLE
                                                      10 Stanley M DOOLITTLE
                                    7 Sarah Buzzell BAILEY
                                      =Stephen Kimball FIFIELD
                                    7 Amos Wood BAILEY

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