Descendants of Isaac DANIELS

  =Mary DAY  Marriage: 15 SEP 2010, Kennebunk, York, ME

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Descendants of Hannah DANIELSON

  =Jesse LOCKE
      2 Eliza LOCKE
        =Thomas DAY
            3 Mehitable DAY
              =John M. GOODWIN
            3 Albert DAY
              =Adaline PERKINS
                  4 Emma DAY
                  4 Clarence DAY
            3 Frederick A. DAY
            3 Melville C. DAY
              =Mary CARRISON

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Margaret DARLING

Descendants of Margaret DARLING

1 Margaret DARLING
  =John FRENCH
      2 John FRENCH
        =Olive HAYNES  Marriage: 1754, Groton, New London, CT
            3 Thirza FRENCH
              =Eliphalet DAY
                  4 Betsey W. DAY
                    =Joshua MARSHALL  Marriage: About:1805-00-00
                  4 Abner Langdon DAY
                    =Mary WAIT
                        5 Silas DAY
                          =Frances WILSON
                              6 Berth DAY
                                =Fred DUNKLEE
                                =Chester A. LEAVITT
                              6 Christopher C. DAY
                                =Augusta HUNT
                        5 Ann DAY
                          =George T. BARLOW
                    =Susanna BRADLEY
                        5 Abner Langdon DAY
                          =Lucia Manning LYMAN  Marriage: 1851-11-12
                              6 Lucia Elizabeth DAY
                                =Moses HENSON
                              6 Abner Herbert DAY
                                =Mary Elizabeth EVANS  Marriage: 1879-09-24, Chatham, Carroll, NH.
                                =Mary Abigail FLINT
                              6 Caroline Alma DAY
                                =Edwin Sumner CUMMINGS  Marriage: 1875-01-30
                              6 Myra Phebe DAY
                                =Fred E. COOK
                              6 Jennie Eunetia DAY
                                =William Henry ASHE
                              6 Irving Nahum DAY
                              6 Inez DAY
                        5 Susan E. DAY
                          =George T. BRABROOK
                        5 Samuel A. DAY
                          =Amanda THAYER
                              6 George DAY
                                =Iva HATCH
                              6 James Langdon DAY
                                =Nettie SAWYER
                              6 William C. DAY
                                =Lois Louisa CURTIS
                              6 Albert Marshall DAY
                              6 Minnie May DAY
                              6 Amy Edith DAY
                                =Charles Mackey DUDSWELL
                        5 Nahum D. DAY
                          =Mary E. CURTIS
                              6 Ernest L. DAY
                                =Lilla NASON
                              6 Maurice N. DAY
                              6 Albert M. DAY
                              6 Clara M. DAY
                        5 Eunetia E. DAY
                          =Horace C. CAMBELL
                          =Charles D. WATERHOUSE
                        5 Albert M. DAY
                        5 Volney French DAY
                          =Ellen F. DENISON
                          =Augusta MARTIN
                  4 Tabitha DAY
                    =Joseph CASS
                  4 Thirzah DAY
                    =John Milton FRENCH  Marriage: 23 DEC 1925, Columbia, Coos, NH
                  4 Nahum Daniels DAY
                    =Jenet J. PLATT  Marriage: About:1837-00-00
                        5 Emma DAY
                          =Charles D. JOHNSON
                        5 Eliphalet DAY
                          =Sarah Maria OCKINGTON  Marriage: 1866-08-18, Stratford, Coos, NH
                              6 John Henry DAY
                              6 Frank Eliphalet DAY
                        5 Fred N. DAY
                          =Ellen Julia DREW
                              6 Esther Jennette DAY
                              6 Frederick Drew DAY
                  4 Shubael Babcock DAY
                    =Lucinda GAMSBY
                        5 Caroline Phivella DAY
                          =John EAMES
                        5 Ellen M. DAY
                          =Fred TAYLOR
                        5 Betsey Marion DAY
                          =George E. HOLYOKE
                          =Henry SLONE
                    =Abigail ADAMS
                  4 Susanna DAY
                    =Joseph MERRILL
                  4 Olive DAY
                    =John TODD
                  4 Silas DAY
                  4 Giles DAY
                  4 Ahaz DAY
                  4 Eliphalet DAY
                  4 Marcia DAY
                    =Grant LAMKIN

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Ancestors of Agnes DARROCK

        /-Harry DARROCK
        \-Sarah L MABIE

Descendants of Agnes DARROCK

  =Franklin Claire MOORE  Marriage: 29 SEP 1923, Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA
      2 Lenora Mae MOORE
  =Everett WERT
      2 Jane WERT

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Ancestors of Alise DARROCK

        /-Harry DARROCK
        \-Sarah L MABIE

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