Excebic M. AUDETTE

Descendants of Excebic M. AUDETTE

1 Excebic M. AUDETTE
  =Sewell Clement DAY
      2 Pauline A. DAY
        =Leroy DAY
      2 Living DAY
        =Living METCALF
      2 Living DAY
      2 Rhoda DAY
        =Archie Orion WALKER
      2 Living DAY
        =Living GAMMON
      2 Living DAY
        =Living ADAMS

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Descendants of AUGUSTA

  =Chauncy Alexander HUSTON

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Descendants of Agnes AUSTIN

1 Agnes AUSTIN
  =Edmund LITTLEFIELD  Marriage: United States  Marriage: of ME
      2 Francis LITTLEFIELD
        =Maribah WARDWELL
            3 Jonathan LITTLEFIELD
              =Abigail SIMPSON
                  4 Jonathan LITTLEFIELD
                    =Hannah SAYWARD
                        5 Elizabeth LITTLEFIELD
                          =Moses Wentworth DAY
                              6 Moses DAY
                              6 George W DAY
                                =Emily WOOD  Marriage: 19 FEB 2007, Buckfield, Oxford, ME
                                    7 Augustus Franklin DAY
                                      =Harriet GOVE  Marriage: 23 DEC 1849, Portland, Cumberland, ME
                                          8 Henry Augustus DAY
                                            =Sarah Remington WAITE  Marriage: 4 DEC 1873, Boston, Suffolk, MA
                                                9 Alfred Henry DAY
                                                9 Charles Eugene DAY
                                                  =Ella Mills TAYLOR  Marriage: 18 SEP 1900, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
                                                      10 Ralph Remington DAY
                                                        =Genette WEBER  Marriage: 1 AUG 1925, Cuyahoga, Ohio
                                                            11 Richard Remington DAY
                                                              =Mary STEPHAN
                                                                  12 Stephanie DAY
                                                                    =Thomas Joseph RIZZO
                                                                    =Jack Alan JOBES
                                                                  12 Deborah DAY
                                                                    =Brian R DONOVAN
                                                                  12 Robert Taylor DAY
                                                                    =Rosanne Marie SWAIM
                                                                  12 James Armstrong DAY
                                                                    =Kara Lane YOUNG
                                                      10 Dorothy Emma DAY
                                                        =Milbert Dewey SNOWBERGER  Marriage: 22 AUG 1925, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA  Marriage: 22 AUG 1925, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
                                                            11 Janet M SNOWBERGER
                                                              =Stewart J VONDERSCHER
                                                      10 Robert Taylor DAY
                                                        =Marion SIBBISON  Marriage: 7 JUN 1941, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
                                                      10 Kenneth Eugene DAY
                                                        =Alice Louise PRICE  Marriage: 4 OCT 1941, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
                                                            11 Karen Lynn DAY
                                                              =William Arthur MANATT
                                                              =Robert H HENDERSON
                                                            11 Gary Evan DAY
                                                              =Diane BATY
                                          8 Harriet I. DAY
                                            =Clarence Emerson GEORGE  Marriage: 14 NOV 1878
                                                9 Maude Benner GEORGE
                                                  =Arthur W BOND
                                                      10 Arieta W BOND
                                                9 Florence Ida GEORGE
                                                  =Charles H HANSON
                                                      10 Reginald W HANSON
                                                      10 F Geraldine HANSON
                                                      10 Evelyn M HANSON
                                                      10 Charles H HANSON
                                                      10 Kenneth E HANSON
                                                      10 Mabel L HANSON
                                          8 Willis F. DAY
                                          8 Cora Etta DAY
                                    7 Israel W DAY
                                      =Mary H. DAY  Marriage: 1841-11-18, Jefferson, Lincoln, ME
                                          8 Augustus D. DAY
                                            =Harriet Ellen PERHAM  Marriage: 1864-03-23, Augusta, Kennebec, ME
                                                9 Fredrick A. DAY
                                                  =Mamie G. BEAN
                                                      10 John DAY
                                                      10 Vera M. DAY
                                                      10 Bryant F. DAY
                                                      10 Myron A. DAY
                                                      10 Alton DAY
                                                9 Hattie B. DAY
                                            =Elizabeth Sarah WHARTON  Marriage: 1879-05-20, Augusta, Kennebec, ME
                                          8 Rosswell A. DAY
                                          8 Emma S. DAY
                                            =Augustus D. CHADWICK  Marriage: About:1869-00-00, Augusta, Kennebec, ME
                                                9 Rosswell A. CHADWICK
                                                9 Bertha A. CHADWICK
                                                9 Ida F. CHADWICK
                                          8 Longorah M. Alonzo DAY
                                            =Elizabeth Sarah WHARTON  Marriage: 1880-11-16, Augusta, Kennebec, ME
                                                9 Winfield Scott DAY
                                                  =Vera Margaret EVERETT  Marriage: 1902-12-24, Malden, Middlesex, MA
                                                      10 Arthur Eugene DAY
                                                        =Margaret Elizabeth BOND  Marriage: 1925-12-30, Albany, Albany, NY
                                                            11 Living DAY
                                                              =Living NUNES
                                                                  12 Living DAY
                                                                    =Living SANDERSON
                                                            11 Living DAY
                                                              =Living CLEVELAND
                                                                  12 Living CLEVELAND
                                                                    =Living STAGIS
                                                            11 Living DAY
                                                              =Living MCCARTHY
                                                                  12 Living MCMARTHY
                                                                  12 Living MCCARTHY
                                                            11 Living DAY
                                                              =Living VAUGHN
                                                                  12 Living DAY
                                                                    =Living HAUSER
                                                                  12 Living DAY
                                                                    =Living ABRIL
                                                                  12 Living DAY
                                                                    =Living SHAFFER
                                                        =Living MCNIEL
                                                        =Margaret PARADY  Marriage: 1960-03-17, Hartford, Hartford, CT
                                                        =Ahlene Ellen FITCH  Marriage: 1973-10-26, Elmwood, Cass, NE
                                                      10 Harold Scott DAY
                                                        =Florence May HASWELL  Marriage: 1942-07-25, Springfield, Hampden, MA
                                                            11 Living DAY
                                                      10 Lester Garfield DAY
                                                        = EMMA
                                                        =Living INKEL
                                                      10 Chester Winfield DAY
                                                      10 Ernest Carl DAY
                                                        =Living DUPONT
                                                            11 Living DAY
                                                            11 Living DAY
                                                9 Arthur C. DAY
                                            =Sadie E. BERRY  Marriage: 1891-11-22, East Winthrop, Kennebec, ME
                                                9 Delmar Dwellie DAY
                                                  =Mertelle L. AUSTIN  Marriage: 1923-09-25
                                                      10 Living DAY
                                                9 Darwin R. DAY
                                                  =Sadie M. COTTLE
                                                      10 Living DAY
                                                      10 Living DAY
                                                        =Living HANNAN
                                                  =Living JUDKINS
                                          8 Mary E. DAY
                                            =Nahum SPEAR  Marriage: 1875-04-20, Augusta, Kennebec, ME
                                                9  DELMAR
                                    7 Betsey F. DAY
                                    7 Moses W. DAY
                                      =Ruby FIELD
                                    7 Leonard DAY
                                      =Hannah PERKINS  Marriage: 10 JUN 1847, Boston, Suffolk, MA
                                          8 Nancy DAY
                                          8 Mary DAY
                                          8 Leonard DAY
                                          8 George Henry DAY
                                          8 Frederick DAY
                                          8 Jane Sarah DAY
                                            =Martin Luther HAM
                                                9 Rosco Conklin HAM
                                                  =Yolanda MCCOLLOM
                                                9 Roderick HAM
                                                9 Uriel Stephens HAM
                                                9 Elizabeth HAM
                                          8 Ida Florence DAY
                                          8 Ella DAY
                                          8 Nancy DAY
                              6 Hannah DAY
                                =William HUBBARD
                              6 Sarah DAY
                                =David WILLIAMS
                              6 Nancy DAY
                              6 Robert DAY
                                =Mary WOOD
                                    7 Sarah Sally DAY
                                    7 George H. DAY
                                    7 Nancy DAY
                                    7 Stephen M.S. DAY
                                    7 Emily DAY
                                    7 Joshua DAY
                                    7 Oliver DAY
                                =Susan LITTLEFIELD
                              6 Elizabeth DAY
                                =Hawley FOLSOM
                              6 Susan DAY
                              6 Abraham DAY
                                =Susan G. DAY
                                    7 William H. DAY
                                    7 Elizabeth Jane DAY
                                    7 Lydia A. DAY
                                    7 Charles E. DAY
                                    7 Joseph E. DAY
                              6 Mary DAY
                                =Aaron ABBOTT
                              6 Moses W. DAY
                              6 Lydia DAY
                              6 Joseph D. DAY
            3 Mary LITTLEFIELD
              =Samuel HATCH

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Descendants of Annie AUSTIN

1 Annie AUSTIN
      2 John LITTLEFIELD
        =Patience WAKEFIELD
            3 Deborah LITTLEFIELD
              =Samuel WEBBER  Marriage: 1680, Salem, Essex, MA
                  4 Samuel WEBBER
                    =Elizabeth YOUNG
                        5 Samuel WEBBER
                          =Sarah BOWDEN
                              6 Joseph WEBBER
                                =Mary LOWELL
                                    7 John H. WEBBER
                                      =Eliza BILLINGS
                                          8 David B. WEBBER
                                            =Avis Marie MAYO
                                                9 John Frederick WEBBER
                                                  =Nellie Etta DAY  Marriage: About:1875-00-00, Sedgwick, Hancock, ME
                                                      10 Nellie M. WEBBER
                                                      10 George F. WEBBER
                                                      10 David B. WEBBER
                                                      10 Florence Augusta WEBBER
                                                        =Luther Esmond TURNER
                                                            11 Luther French TURNER

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Mertelle L. AUSTIN

Descendants of Mertelle L. AUSTIN

1 Mertelle L. AUSTIN
  =Delmar Dwellie DAY  Marriage: 1923-09-25
      2 Living DAY

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