Descendants of Mary ALLEN

1 Mary ALLEN
      2 Ruth MERRILL
        =John WHITTEN  Marriage: 1729-10-21, Newbury, Essex, MA
            3 Mary WHITTEN
              =Samuel WATERHOUSE  Marriage: 1750-08-16, Wells, York, ME
                  4 Hannah WATERHOUSE
                    =Abraham DAY
                        5 Lydia DAY
                          =David ROSS  Marriage: 12 JAN 1926, Wells, York, ME
                              6 Albert ROSS
                              6 Ozem D. ROSS
                                =Lydia T. LORD  Marriage: 1833/4, Kennebunk, York, ME
                              6 Lucinda ROSS
                                =Jacob LITTLEFIELD
                        5 Francis DAY
                        5 John DAY
                        5 Albert DAY
                        5 Abraham DAY
                          =Olive WHITE  Marriage: 28 JUL 1923, Alfred, York, ME
                              6 Francis DAY
                                =Olivia J. STONE
                                    7 John F. DAY
                                      =Arvella V. SMITH
                                    7 Albert H. DAY
                                      =Dora L. SMITH
                                    7 Georgianna DAY
                                    7 Mary DAY
                                    7 Laura E. DAY
                                    7 Mabel DAY
                              6 Mary A. DAY
                                =Joseph PLUMMER
                              6 Hannah DAY
                                =Abraham DAVIS
                              6 Abraham DAY
                              6 Isabelle DAY
                                =Joseph CHADWICK
                              6 Olive W. DAY
                                =Edward Southwick STICKNEY
                              6 Elizabeth DAY
                        5 Polly DAY
                          =Nathaniel LITTLEFIELD  Marriage: 19 APR 2014, Wells, York, ME
                        5 Hannah DAY
                          =Josepn KNIGHT  Marriage: 21 SEP, Alfred, York, ME
                    =Joseph KNIGHT

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Descendants of Mary E. ALLEN

1 Mary E. ALLEN
  =Porter DAY  Marriage: 1849-12-16, Alfred, York, ME  Marriage: 16 DEC 1859, Alfred, York, ME
      2 Reuben DAY
        =Josephine L. BOSTON  Marriage: About:1873-00-00
            3 Mary A. DAY
            3 Walter J. DAY
      2 Asenith DAY
      2 Albert DAY
      2 Porter A. DAY
        =Mary A. LITTLEFIELD  Marriage: About:1879-00-00, North Berwick, York, ME
            3 Bertha May DAY
            3 Fred P. DAY
            3 Mary Ellen DAY
              =Chester A. FLANDERS
            3 Ora B. DAY
            3 Charles E. DAY
        =Eva M. BRAGG  Marriage: 1901-03-06, Sanford, York, ME
            3 Living DAY
            3 Living DAY
      2 Mary O. DAY
      2 Hattie J. DAY
      2 Elizabeth M. DAY
      2 Lewis J. DAY
        =Lizzie E. NASON
      2 Lydia DAY
      2 William Oscar DAY
        =Alice B. BENNETT
        =Grace GREENE  Marriage: 1897
            3 Edith Olivia DAY
              =Clayton L SMITH
                  4 Helen Whitney SMITH
                    =Warren Joseph IVERS
                        5 Carolyn Helen IVERS
                          =Kevin Peter NOBLES
                              6 Brandon Paul NOBLES
        =Blanche CROWELL
      2 Edwin DAY

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Ancestors of Osac ALLEN

                  /-Edson ALLEN
        /-William M ALLEN
        |         \-Mary KELLOGG
        \-Cora M

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Ancestors of Otha L ALLEN

                  /-Edson ALLEN
        /-William M ALLEN
        |         \-Mary KELLOGG
        \-Cora M

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Descendants of Patty ALLEN

1 Patty ALLEN
  =William DODD
      2 Michael DODD
        =Anna BROWN  Marriage: 11 OCT 1810, Madison County, Illinois, USA
            3 Lucy Anna DODD
              =Samson SHINN  Marriage: 25 AUG 1846, Adams, Illinois
                  4 Luther Edgar SHINN
                    =Emma OSGOOD  Marriage: 1871/2, Urbana, IL
                  4 Mary Ellen SHINN
                  4 Wilbur True SHINN
                    =Lydia Eva WRIGHT  Marriage: 26 JUN 1897, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
                        5 Anna Louise SHINN
                          =Russell Tharp SANFORD  Marriage: 1923-08-25, Chicago
                  4 Harriet Anna SHINN
                    =Randolph Brooks FRYER  Marriage: 17 JUL 1875, Adams, Illinois, United States
                  4 Charles Albert SHINN
                  4 Robert Olin SHINN
                    =Marie W. WENZEL  Marriage: 11 APR 1896
                        5 Clara Marie SHINN
                  4 Clara SHINN
                    =Frederick William BUESCHER  Marriage: 12 JAN 1893, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
                        5 Lucy BUESCHER
                          =Francis Earl WILLIAMS  Marriage: 29 JUN 1922, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
                              6 Roger F WILLIAMS
                                =Virginia PEEL
                                =Rosemary H MEYER
                              6 Patricia J WILLIAMS
                                =Harvey M BRUNNER
                                    7 Beth W BRUNNER
                                    7 Wendy BRUNNER
                          =Francis E WILLIAMS  Marriage: 29 JUN 1922, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA
                        5 Warren Shinn BUESCHER
                        5 Winifred BUESCHER
                          =Arthur Homer STEPHAN  Marriage: 8 SEP 1923, Cuyahoga, Ohio
                              6 Mary STEPHAN
                                =Richard Remington DAY
                                    7 Stephanie DAY
                                      =Thomas Joseph RIZZO
                                          8 Michelle RIZZO
                                            =Donal Kevin SWEDEN
                                                9 Donal Joseph SWEDEN
                                      =Jack Alan JOBES
                                    7 Deborah DAY
                                      =Brian R DONOVAN
                                    7 Robert Taylor DAY
                                      =Rosanne Marie SWAIM
                                          8 Christine Genette DAY
                                            =Michael SANDSTROM
                                          8 Carl Robert DAY
                                    7 James Armstrong DAY
                                      =Kara Lane YOUNG
                                          8 Josette Maryjane DAY
                                          8 Alexander Eliot Stephan DAY
                              6 Thomas A STEPHAN
                                =Janet FULTON
                                    7 Norman STEPHAN
                                    7 Dennis W STEPHAN
                                      =Josie Elida GARCIA
                                          8 Jacob Thomas STEPHAN
                                          8 Daniel STEPHAN
                                =Catherine BERTONI
                                    7 Michael STEPHAN
                        5 Frederick Theodore BUESCHER
                          =Ruth W PEMPIN  Marriage: 28 JUL 1927, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
                              6 Warren Edward BUESCHER
                                =Edith R CICATELLI
                                    7 Barbara BUESCHER
                                      =John Albert COLLINGE
                                          8 Brittany Michelle COLLINGE
                                          8 Michael Warren COLLINGE
                                    7 David W BUESCHER
                                      =Jackie BARTLEY
                                          8 Matthew Warren BUESCHER
                                          8 Jennifer BUESCHER
                                          8 Brett BUESCHER
                                      =Laura DEGRAW
                                          8 Gary BUESCHER
                          =Katherine HAYERLY  Marriage: 23 APR 1938, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
              =Lucy A. DODD
            3 Charles A DODD
              =Sarah M CLARK
                  4 Benjamin F DODD
                    =Anna E BELL
                        5 Doletta B DODD
                          =James A BOYKIN  Marriage: 5 APR 1905, Concord, Cabarrus, North Carolina, United States
                              6 Luciea E BOYKIN
                                = ADAMS
                                    7 Harry Earl ADAMS
                                          8 Karla ADAMS

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