Research Services

Provided by GSOR member volunteers

All Research Requests are $25 per Indiviual name. Non-Refundable This includes obituaries Requests.
All fees are due and payable at time of Request.
Currently the Library Microfilm readers, will only print from the record, digital scanning is not available.

We cannot guarantee that the record you are hoping to find will be available. Please include, as much information as possible, so that we can provide accurate information. Our volunteers will be diligent in their search for your information, however if the record you ask for is not found/available, there is no refund.

You will receive a response stating what records/ timeframes were searched.
Please complete the Research Request Form and mail with payment to
PO Box 2557
Riverside, CA 92516-2557
You may also email us with inquiries at
We accept Money Orders or Checks made out to GSOR. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards.
It is strongly encouraged that you provide as much identifying data such as names of parents, children and other family members, occupations, etc., with your request to ensure accuracy in the information returned to you. This is especially valuable if your ancestors had common names.
All of our research services are provided by GSOR members who are volunteering their time.
Once your request and payment has been received, you will be paired with a volunteer who will be doing the research and you may contact them directly if there are any questions or concerns.
Vital Records:
We are unable at this time to fulfill requests to obtaining vital records for Riverside County, California. Please visit the County of Riverside Assessor – Recorder-Clerks website to request these documents.