Minutes meeting
Oct. 12, 2019
Inbox x Deirdre Dominguez Sun,
 Oct 27, 2:05 PM (7 days ago)
Paul P., Sandy S., Barbara F., Dorothy, Marilyn, Lloyd, Dee D.
== Board Meeting called to order at 9:10 a.m.
        =Treasuer: Sandy Smith Beginning balance $1,571.11 Ending balance $1,765.36
==Bills paid,
1) web hub hosting $119.88,
2)State License fee $20.00 (non profit renewal)
 =Program: Barbara Freeman will present topic "adoptees/ blended family.
Barbara will continue covering topic while Rebecca Eberty away on vacation.
This will include any membership related information.
==Library: Dorothy Stage following talks with Arlington library staff
on relocation starting with Nov. 9, 2019 GSOR meeting and
continued thru next year.
=Web editor: Paul Philburn, shared revised forms and other edits
to the GSOR web site and other pending changes coming to
 help general public using the GSOR web site and inquire
and request such as obituaries.
=President: Dee Dominguez shared the total number member
approval vote, to move to Arlington library (Van Buren and Magnolia )
meeting 2nd saturdays each month, from 10a.m. until noon or
Later (1pm)possible -
=Next speaker(s) will be members of March Air Force
 female officers and other invited guest. The Air Force Members
spoke to dee last week from conference in Flordia but will
be in touch next week. -Dee and Paul, editor will develope
letter head to be used for communication with members as well
as obiturary or inquires regarding GSOR.
=Board members, -to make another visit to Arlington branch library to finalize
1)details of use of meeting room for GSOR members,
signage and other set up concerns. -
2)Also discussed the need to Update Member applications to confirm info.
3) -Dee will mail out notice to all members of the MOVE from
 the Janet Goeske center to Arlington Library, effective November 9, 2019
 and all following meetings. Arlington staff are very helpful and welcoming.
4) -A get well card will be sent on behalf of GSOR to our member Lloyd Drake.
5)-Also will try again to contact Nina Green who has missed last two meetings.
General meeting opened at 10:00 a.m. Motion by Barara Freeman and second
 by Paul (via telephonic connection).
Present today are Sandy Smith, Mary Lou Adair, Georgette Buckley, Gail Hernandez,
Barbara Freeman, Sandy Smith, Dorothy Stage.
Pledge allegiance: 10:05 a.m
Reports from each committee shared included old business, Arlington Move, revision of WEB page.
New Business discussion on growing GSOR members, Gail Hernandez shared
 possible expansion thru web page/ IPOD, other electronic transmitted meetings
and information. Gail offered again willingness to help with computer generated outreach.
All members discussed and shared various suggestions that can enhance our mssion in GSOR.
== Board Meeting adjourned 9.55am,
motion by Dorothy and 2nd by Sandy
==Dee introduced Barbara Freeman in presenting topic "adoptees and blended families"
due to technical disruption, she did a verbal report.
Members offered personal experiences and Barbara's handout, allowed us
 to read much more on the subject. The group was lively and annimated in this round table discussion.
As to genealogical aspects of adoptees and obtaining records, previously prohibited access,
 is now available to adoptees. Ancestry and DNA are two major tools
available and being utiliziled currently.
==Meeting adjourned : 12:00 p.m.